Where I’ve Been


Until now, I have travelled to 50 countries – not including those overseas territories claimed by another country, which count as destinations, but not as sovereign states. The lion’s share of my wanderlust has resulted in journeys along the back roads, where the allure is the scenery – away from the urban pollution and crowds – and, of course, the locals living off the land, unhurried in their preserved culture.

I enjoy lingering in these communities, absorbed in their simple lifestyle, grounded in age-old heritage, beliefs and customs. When I take the time to show a genuine interest in their culture and appeal to people to engage with me, sometimes a very special connection is made and then they will open their homes and tell me their stories. At that moment, no matter how remote the location and how different we appear on the surface, the world becomes noticeably small and the only thing that matters is that we are both part of this precious human race, grateful for the diversity of our shared planet.

With this adventure travel blog, I will be recounting some of my most memorable ventures and related experiences. I hope you enjoy the ride.